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All-Steel Shelters

Strong Steel Shelters for Your Property

Southside RV Repair & Shelter Factory can build long-lasting steel shelters for you. Our most popular steel shelter size is 12x31 with a peak size of 13'. If you're planning to use yours as a guest house, 16' wide would be the ideal choice. We also provide 22' and 24' wide steel shelters. Get in touch for more details.

What Enhances the Strength of Our Steel Shelters?

  • Standard 26 gauge roofing - The mostly used 29 gauge is very thin and doesn't meet our standards.
  • One piece legs - The one piece leg starts at the ground over a fitted nub, goes up to the power bend curve and keeps going to the cross piece. It has more strength.
  • Power bend - It increases the strength of your RV. It's not a mandrel bend.
  • 2x3 3/16th angle iron base rails - The rails are welded with the nubs and have punched holes for easy anchoring. These rails are welded, galvanized, and are coated to provide durability.
  • 2x3 tubing - 2x3 tubing is tougher than 2x2 tubing. We use 14 gauge tubing. We use gatorshield tubing. The tubing is galvanized and is coated with an extra layer of zinc which makes it the longest lasting tubing around. 
Our steel shelters are GUARANTEED to withstand 100 MPH wind if anchored properly. We have this tested when a twister near Eugene hit our shelter but no damage happened. 
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“I had investigated most of the units sold in this area and found your design to be superior from a strength standpoint as well as aesthetic. I also found you to be patient and flexible concerning customizing the design of the shelter. Several of the shelters scattered around town that post the little signs “buy for as low as $xxxx” were very much lacking in structural integrity. Thanks again.”

-Loren Humphrey
Senior Project Engineer (retired) Wah Chang


Proudly Using Gatorshield®

Gatorshield is a patented triple layer Flo-Coat® rust
and corrosion resistant product protection which has
shown itself to be the best over the long haul versus
all competitive product offerings. When rust and
corrosion protection is needed…Gatorshield is
Gator Tough.

Count on that EXTRA shot of zinc! It's the longest lasting tubing available. 

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